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2009-10-18 18:59:13 by MasterPuppeteer

Back after a long week and weekend. This weekend I went to the Bands of america competition locate din St. Louis, Missouri at the Edward Jones Dome. (Rams Stadium) My high-school did our best but only 14 of the 63 bands that entered could make finals we sadly did not make finals but stayed the next day to see the final and awards ceremony. Some of performances I saw were absolutely AMAZING! The Broken Arrow High-school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma once AGAIN won first place. (They are absolutely gods at marching and we can only envy them.) I hope that in later years at my high-school we can make finals just once but we'll see. Overall it was a very exciting and fun experience, loved it all.

Good News...

2009-10-06 22:24:51 by MasterPuppeteer

I ended putting up a couple audio submissions today, one of them titled "Wishful Utopia". It's hit 5 stars which is real nice and has got more attention quicker than my first submission. I hope this foreshadows an even brighter future with NewGrounds and myself.

Wishful Utopia -

If you have an questions comments or suggestion feel free to post them down. I'm very open minded to new ideas.


2009-10-05 16:10:04 by MasterPuppeteer

Finally logged in today and saw that my audio submission had finally been approved after four days of patient waiting. I am now going to continue to compose more pieces and maybe head on for different genres out there so we'll see what's up.

Patience is a virtue...

2009-10-01 22:36:37 by MasterPuppeteer

I have decided that I will not post any audio clips until my first audio submission has been approved. I submitted it over 24 hours ago and I'm beginning to wonder as to what is slowing the volunteers down from getting to my submission. So as long as I have to wait to get my first submission in, the longer others will have to wait (if they like my music) to hear more pieces.


Tired as hell, as I posted earlier that I am in my high-schools drumline. We are working our asses off getting our "dots" for marching down, as well as finishing up on memorizing music/music cleaning. This whole, practice has been at least from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. except on Tuesdays and Thursdays which last from 3:00 to 8:30. So now, with these last words I going to take a frikkin shower and sleep.


2009-09-30 19:50:27 by MasterPuppeteer

About time I got around to this... anyway HELLO NewGrounds! I've created this account mainly for posting musical pieces of probably multiple genres... Listening to the new Breaking Benjamin album right now so you may kind of see where I get some of my dramatic influences on some of the pieces I may put up later in the future.

If you're curious about my musical experience, here it is...

- Percussionist
- Vocal Singer
- Highschool Drumline (No, we don't suck. We're as close to a DCI drumline as we can get...)
- My own rock band

I'm going through several musical transitions right now so I have a lot of creativity wanting to publish out here so wish me luck and once again, greetings.